Opportunity. Community. Transportation. What’s important to you?

Street Forum is bringing your thoughts on challenges and opportunities facing our community to the people who need to hear them – your neighbors, community organizers and public officials. It’s like a public meeting that comes to you!

Here’s How It Works:

You tell us your thoughts. We record them on video and help share your voice with others – online and with your representatives. Together, we shape the future of our community!

Visit StreetForum.org to see Street Forum videos and comments from your neighbors. (Also twitter @streetforum)


Neighborhood Street Forum is an initiative of the Cleveland Neighborhood Association, in partnership with Works Progress, and made possible through a grant from the Corridors of Opportunity Initiative with funding from the Department of Urban Housing and Development (HUD).

Questions or comments can be directed to the Cleveland Neighborhood Association through the contact form below or by calling 612-588-1155.